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"It's kind of fun to do the impossible"
45 years old

Last Login: 10/10/2007

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Who is not, but should be newsworthy today?
Russell T. Hartsaw To a limited degree, he's newsworthy, but he's yet to be discovered by the "big guns" such as Oprah, Montel, etc. Russell is tireless in his efforts to reach out to homeless and otherwise at-risk teens and children.

He has been there, so he knows how it feels, so he puts heart and soul into making sure that those young people who fit under this category will be into something better a.s.a.p. But one man can only do so much. To learn more about him, visit the website of the organization he founded, Invisible Youth Network by going here:
What is a socially-conscious website that everyone should know about?
The Invisible Youth Network:
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